We believe in EMR.

We believe EMR will drive lifesaving revolutions in patient care.

We are committed to altruistic principals of improved patient care and improved healthcare research. Our commitment drives our work ethic and quality results.

About Us

Founded in April 2012, TJPS Consulting seeks to be the premier EMR (electronic medical record) Systems consulting firm.

TJPS Consulting provides healthcare organizations with two distinct consulting services: advisory services and implementation services.

Our Advisory Services (AS) division is geared toward providing healthcare organizations with the proper insight and planning needed to launch a successful EMR project.

Implementation Services (IS) division is designed to provide healthcare organizations implementing EMR software with the highest quality IT staff. IS specializes in Epic, but IS also works with other vendor products as well.

Although we have experience with many different vendors, we are experts at Epic implementations.
We are located in Atlanta, GA, but currently serve clients on a global basis.

Why We Are Different

Extensive Direct EMR Implementation Experience

We understand how the software actually works. We know how implementations and planning actually play out in real life from our extensive first hand experience.

Highly Talented Consultants

Our team is comprised of consultants that we have thoroughly vetted through skills assessments and interviews. In most cases we hire consultants who we have already worked with.