If your organization is currently contemplating a shift to an EMR system, a transition to an improved EMR system or currently in the process of implementing an EMR system, we can bring insight, expertise, and success to your undertaking.

If contemplating a shift  to EMR or planning a transition from an existing EMR system to another, our AS team can expertly guide you through the process. Whether it involves Current State Analysis, RFP preparation, Vendor Selection or other planning aspects, our AS team’s experience and knowledge will enable your organization to achieve its EMR related goals.

If your organization is beginning implementation or currently implementing an EMR system, our IS team consists of only proven implementation consultants. Members of our IS team are subject matter experts and can be plugged directly into the pieces of the project in which they specialize. Since our vetting process is so intense, you are guaranteed that you will be gaining new team members with excellent system abilities, great communication skills  and work ethic, and 2+ projects under their belts.